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CIAL Boxman Storage



This building was simple in its design, mainly consisting of foundation beams and pads. What made it interesting was our clients program, there was no room for delay once excavation was complete.

We were able to prefabricate the 2 tonne pads off line and install with our telehandler, saving 95% of construction time compared to installing in a traditional manner.

To keep up with the program a different approach was needed for the internal beams. We decided to build these above the trench on stands as continuous 60 meter long beams then lower into the trench with the telehandler.

This allowed us to put a lot of men on the job all working on one beam efficiently and not having to work over each other. This is also the safest method as people are not bent over down in a trench they are standing up, and it lets telehandler do the bulk of the manual handling.


Key Facts

  • 130 tonne

  • 1350 sheets of mesh

  • 147 Telehandler hours

  • Pre-starts completed – 76

  • Site H&S site inspections completed – 8

  • New hazards identified and controlled - 2


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