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LPC Cruise Berth Wharf



The LPC Cruise Berth Wharf was constructed to accommodate some of the largest cruise vessels in the world.

The wharf is 10 and 22 meters wide with a total length of 210 meters, split into 12 pours ranging from 50 to 120 tonne each with a 2 weekly pour cycle.

The challenge with this pour cycle was curing time before work could continue from previous pour. Our solution was to use the offline days to prefabricate large sections of the deck reducing the actual time required on critical path days by 65%.

Our prefabricated sections had to knit perfectly with the insitu reinforcing. In house, we designed and fabricated jigs to ensure accuracy and quality of these elements. To reduce manual handling and improve ergonomics we focused the jig design from a Health & Safety view point, greatly reducing the risk of injury.


Key Facts

  • Piles - 240 tonne

  • Deck Slab - 900 tonne

  • Miscellaneous – 100 tonne

  • Pre-starts completed – 156

  • New hazards identified and controlled – 5

  • Site H&S site inspections completed – 10


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