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Hillmorton High School



Prefabrication of the foundation was the most logical approach on this project as it had deep foundations that were poured to ground. If it was tied in place it would have taken longer with reduced quality and would not be as safe.

There was not enough space on site to prefabricate but working with the construction team we made it work. Beams were prefabricated in sequence for landing and within weight of the crane and telehandler reach.

As the site was focused on a time saving program time we were able to get steel delivered early and have all the beams prefabricated ready to install as soon as excavation was complete. We saved 70% of our original programmed installation time using this approach.


Key Facts

  • 120 Tonne

  • 70% time saving in foundation

  • Pre-starts completed – 79

  • Site H&S site inspections completed – 5

  • New hazards identified and controlled – 1


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